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Electric Poles
Ser Name of Firm and Address Description of Stores / Products POC Detail Valid / Renewed Upto
1 M/S Bashir Pipe Industries (Pvt) Ltd, Lahore Lighting Poles
Head Office, 99 Railway Road Lahore
a.Tubular G.I Lighting Poles.
b. Conical G.I Lighting Poles.
c. Octagonal G.I Lighting Poles.
d. High Mast G.I Lighting Poles.
e. Decorative G.I Lighting Poles.
Mr. Zubair Shoukat
2 M/S Jamal Pipe Industries (Pvt) Ltd
88-Railway Road. Lahore
Street Light Poles (Tabular, Octagonal, Round Conical) 0321-4129309
Mr. Irfan Saeed