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Ser Name of Firm and Address Description of Stores / Products POC Detail Valid / Renewed Upto
1 M/S Perfect Elecktro Mek Pak (Pvt) Ltd
Plot No. 4 Adj ATS Lane Kacha Industrial Estate 4-Km Kahna Kacha Road Lahore
a. MV/ LV Panel
b. MCC (Motor Control Center)
c. PFI Plant with gang capacitor
d. Cable Tray
e. Bus Tie Duct
Engr. Muhammad Arshad
2 M/S Angular Power Automation
Plot # 19-D Block Commercial Area, Nawab Town Lahore
a. LT Panel 3mm Gauge (ABB, Schneider, Hyundai)
b. Cable Tray / Ladder (ABB, Schneider, Hyundai)
c. PFI Plant (ABB, Schneider, Hyundai)
d. Multi Control Unit ( MCU)
Mr. Ijaz Ghafoor
3 M/S Azmat Enterprises
Mezzanine 1, Building 7C, Lane 7 Bukhari Commercial Phase 6 Defence Karachi
a. HT/ LT Termination Kit
b. HT/ LT Straight through Joint
c. PFI (Hyundai, ABB, Terrasaki, Schneider)
d. DB’s (Hyundai, ABB, Terrasaki, Schneider)
e. LT Panel, Feeder Pillar (Hyundai, ABB, Terrasaki, Schneider)
Mr. Mohib Ullah Malik
4 M/S Capital Electro Engineering Company (Pvt) Ltd
2.0km Kater Bund Road Industrial Estate OSS Multan Road Thokar Niaz Baig Lahore
a. LT Panel (Hyundai, ABB, Schneider) - Gauge 3mm
b. PFI Plant (Hyundai, ABB, Schneider) - Gauge 3mm
Mr. Arshad Ali
5 M/S Mazcop Engineering (Pvt) Ltd
99-A Govt, Employees Housing Society Phase II Model Town Link Road Lahore
a. LT Panel upto 1KVA/ 400A (Hyundai, ABB, Terrasaki, Schneider) - Gauge 3mm
b. DB's (Hyundai, ABB, Terrasaki, Schneider) - Gauge 3mm.
c. AMF/ ATS upto 100 KVA (Hyundai, ABB, Terrasaki, Schneider) - Gauge 3mm
Col (R) Ashfaq Ahmad
6 M/S M-Tech (Multi Technology) Pvt Ltd, Lahore
Plaza No. 12-A , 1st Floor Eden City Phase-8, DHA Lahore.
a. LV (Low Voltage) LT Panel - MCCB, MCB (Hyundai, Schneider, ABB)
b. MV (Medium Voltage) Switchgear 11 KVA t0 20 KVA (Breaker - Schneider)
Mr. Masood Haider
7 M/S Best Electric Panels
Sindh Small Industries Corp Hyderabad
a. LT Panels, Feeder Pillar (Hyundai, ABB, Terrasaki, Schneider) - Gauge 3mm
b. PFI (Hyundai, ABB, Terrasaki, Schneider) - Gauge 3mm
c. DB's (Hyundai, ABB, Terrasaki, Schneider) - Gauge 3mm
d. Motor Control Unit (MCU)
Mr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh
8 M/S Ameejee Valleejee & Sons (Chint) Islamabad
House No. 9 Lane No. 8 Chatta Bakhtawar Park Road , Islamabad
a. L.V Components (MCB, MCCB, ACB and Relays). 0512321191-12
Mr. Ch Imran Ali
9 M/S A.B Trading Co
Shop # 1, First Floor 14th Branderth Road Lahore
SIGMA Elektrik Turkey Brand Only:-
a. Circuit Breakers, Magnetic Contractors (MCBs, MCCBs, ACBs)
b. Panel Meters, Voltmeters, Ampere Meters (Analogue & Digital)
c. Fuses, Capacitors, Relays, Panel Lights & Current Transformers
d. Selectors Switches, Power Factor Relays
Mr. Asad Ullah
10 M/S M.K Engineering Works
Al- Jannat Road, Chowk Masjid Numra Sagian By-pass, Lahore
a. LT Switchgear Panels
b. Distribution Board
c. HT/ LT PFI Plant
d. Feeder Pillars
e. IIT Switchgear Panels (11KV)
f. VCB (Hyundai/ Rockwill/ Schneider), HT LBS (Indoor/ Outdoors)
Mr. Mian Shahzad Khalid
11 M/S Transfo Tech Engineering (SMC-Pvt) Ltd
Plot No. 542/B, Sector 35/A Zaman Tower Korangi Industrial Area Karachi
a. LT Panels (Hyundai, ABB, Terrasaki, Schneider)
b. Distribution Boards (Hyundai, ABB, Terrasaki, Schneider)
c. Feeder Pillar (Hyundai, ABB, Terrasaki, Schneider)
d. PFI Plant (Hyundai, ABB, Terrasaki, Schneider)
Mr. Muhammad Farhan Shafi
12 M/S Tecmens Switchgear Services
Plot # 93, Street # 7, Sector I-10/3 Industrial Area, Islamabad
a. LT Panel (ABB, Schneider)-Gauge 3mm
b. PFI Plant (ABB, Schneider)-Gauge 3mm
c. Feeder Pillar (ABB, Schneider)-Gauge 3mm
d. Distribution Board (ABB, Schneider)-Gauge 3mm
Mr. Wasim Ahmed
13 M/S Electrech (Pvt) Ltd
Plot No. 45, Block 5, Sector C-II, Township, Lahore
a. LT Panels
b. Distribution Board.
c. Feeder Pillar
d. PFI Plant
Mr. Iftikhar Hussain
14 M/S Al-Rehman Switchgears, Lahore
107 Hilal Park, Near PSO Pump Ring Road Amir Road Lahore
a. HT/LT Panels (ABB, Hyundai, Schneider) - Gauge 3mm, & power substation
b. PFI Plant (ABB, Hyundai, Schneider) - Gauge 3mm
c. Distribution Board (ABB, Hyundai, Schneider) - Gauge 3mm
d. Motor control Centre Panels
Mr. Muhammad Afzal Cheema
15 M/S Industrial Power Tech
D-42 Habib Bank Chowrangi Near Hino Pak Motor, S.I.T.E Karachi
a. Low Voltage Panel (LV/LT Panel)
b. Power Factor Improvement Plant.
c. Power Distribution Board / Lighting Distribution Board
d. Moto Control Centre Panel / Star Dalta / Dula Starter
e. Auto Mains Failure (AMF) / Auto Transfer Switch (ATS)
Mr. Nasrullah Sharif
16 M/S Electroways
17-A Fateh Sher Road New Mazang Lahore
a. AVR / Stabilizer single / 3 phase (Servo control) (2 to 1000KVA).
b. AVR / Stabilizer single / 3 phase (IGBT control) (2KVA, 10KVA)
c. Frequency converter (60/400 HZ) (5KVA to 300KVA)
d. SCR Control Automatic Rectifier (28-100VDC) (5KVA to 30KVA)
e. UPS upto 40KVA
f. AC / DC Distribution Panels, Ground power units power supplies, Cathodic protection transformers, rectifier.
Mr. Mazhar Iqbal
17 M/S Quality Switchgears
Al Ghani Industrial Estate, Al Asher Street, Opposite Metro Bus Station # 26 20Km Ferozpur Road, Lahore
a. LT Panel (ABB, Schneider) - Gauge 3mm.
b. PFI Plant (ABB, Schneider) - Gauge 3mm
Mr. Shahid Malik