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Product Category: Cables
Ser Name of Firm and Address Description of Stores / Products POC Detail Valid / Renewed Upto
1 M/S HI-Energy Cables, Gujranwala
Umer Farooq Road, Gala Bakar Mandi, G.T Road Gujranwala
1. Copper Cables PVC Insulated (0.5 mm^2, 1, 1.5, 2.5,4,6,10 & 16mm^2)
2. Flexible Cables 300/500 Volts (0,5 mm^2 to 3.5 mm^2)
3. Telephone & Intercon Cables (1 to 10 pair)
Luqman Ullah Meer
2 M/S Tech Cables, Lahore
Karam Elahi Plaza, 12 Civic Center, M.A,S Johar Town Lahore
1. House Wiring Cable Dia; 1 mm^2, 1.5, 2.5,4,6,10,16 mm^2.
2. Control / Intercom Cables; 1 Pair, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 & 10 pair.
Mr. Malik Phool Shahzad
3 M/S A.G.E Industries (Pvt) Ltd
97-A Industrial Estate Jamrud Road, Peshawar Pakistan
1. LT PVC power Cables Copper / Aluminum (Armoured / Un-Armoured) 16mm^2 to 300mm^2.
2. AAC/ ACSR conductors / Copper Conductor / Strip.
Mr, Ghulam Subhani Zia
4 M/S Force International Cables, Lahore
Office No. 08, 2nd Floor Plaza, G-11 Markaz Islamabad
a. General Wiring Copper Conductor Cables - Dia; 1.5mm^2, 2.5mm^2 upto 16 mm^2.
b. Flexible Copper Conductor Cables - Dia; 0.75mm^2, 1mm^2, 1.5mm^2, 1.5mm^2, 2.5mm^2, 4mm^2 upto 16mm^2.
Waheed Ullah Khan
5 M/S Indus Cables (Pvt) Ltd, Karachi
F36 and F37 Sector s50-C Korangi Karachi -74900
a. LT Cables Copper 16mm^2 to 300mm^2 (3 1/2 core, 4 core).
Muhammad Daniyal
6 M/S Fast Cables (Pvt) Ltd, Lahore
192-Y Commercial Area Phase-III, DHA Lahore.
a. LT Cables Copper / Aluminum (25mm^2 to 630mm^2).
b. MV Cables Copper / Aluminum (16mm^2 to 500mm^2).
c. AAC / ACSR Conductors (25mm^2 to 275mm^2).
Lt Col Shaukat Ali (Retd)
7 M/S Universal Cables Industries Ltd, Karachi
61/C Jami Commercial Street No. 7 Phase VII DHA Karachi
a. General Wiring Copper Cables 1,5mm^2 to 16mm^2.
b. Flexibles Copper Cables 0.5mm^2 to 4mm^2.
Muhammad Naim Zafar
8 M/S Asian Cables (Pvt) Ltd, Lahore
Main Buidling Kot Lakhpat Station Road Lahore
a. General Wiring Copper Conductor Cables 1.5mm^2 to 16mm^2.
b. Flexible Copper Conductor 0.5mm^2 to 4mm^2.
Mr. Muhammad Ehsan
9 M/S CopperGat (Pvt) Ltd (General Wiring) , Lahore
109-FF Divine Mega-2, Airport Road, Lahore
1. House Wiring PVC copper cables - Dia 1.5mm^2 to 16mm^2.
2. Control / intercom Cables.
Engr. Mian Safdar Hussain
10 M/S CopperGat (Pvt) Ltd (Power Cable), Lahore
109-FF Divine Mega-2, Airport Road, Lahore
1. LT PVC power Cables copper/ Aluminum (Armoured/In-Armoured) 16mm^2 to 300mm^2
2. AAC/ACSR conductors/Copper Strips
Engr. Mian Safdar Hussain