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MES as a department deals with designing, construction and maintenance of buildings, road, airfields, bridges, electricity, water supply, sewerage, Sui gas, drainage, furniture and stores etc. To handle all these services, MES has different cadres like Building and Roads (B&R), Electrical and Mechanical (E&M), Furniture and Stores (F&S), which are considered to be specialists in their respective fields. It is an inter services organization responsible for such services for Army, Navy, Air Force and DP Division. In 1960, Director of Works and Chief Engineer with requisite organization was established at each Service HQ for close liaison, effective control, deliberate planning and efficient execution of work services. Responsibility for furniture in Navy, PAF and DP Wings rests with MES whereas in Army it is handled by QMG’s Branch. Maintenance/repairs and minor works in MES Army wing are controlled by Formations HQ. Similarly there is an MES School at Military College of Engineering (MCE) Risalpur where different types of courses are being run for the MES officers and other supervisory and technical staff.