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Flame Proof Lighting / Fixture
Ser Name of Firm and Address Description of Stores / Products POC Detail Valid / Renewed Upto
1 M/S I.S Industries, Flame Proof Lights, Karachi
Issar Singhs Hazari Singh Building Opp. Arambagh, Main Sharah-e-Liaquat, Karachi
a. Flame Proof lights & Fittings.
b. Flame Proof Fittings.
c. Flame Proof Accessories.
d. Flame Proof exhaust fan off Sizes.
e. LED Flame Proof dome Lights.
f. LED Flame Proof Luminous Lights.
g. Flame proof energy saving Exhaust Fan.
Mr. Imran Mustaqeem
2 M/s Khalid & Nasir Brothers
By Pass Road, Moh Qadria Darbar Farid Town, Gujranwala
a. Flame proof switch and switch socket 3 pin 5A / 15A.
b. Flame proof main switch upto 60 Amp
c. Flame proof circuit breaker upto 30 Amp.
d. Flame proof ceiling fan upto 56” sweep.
e. Flame proof Exhaust Fan upto 18''
f. Flame proof centrifugal pumping set (1 HP to 15 HP)
g. Flame Proof LED Lights IP67, tube Lights, Pipe fitting and Junction Box
Mr. Rana Muhammad Khalid
3 M/S Britlite Engineering Company
Office 12-C, 1st Floor, St. Sehar Lane No. 09, DHA Near Masjid Khadija-tul-Kubra, Karachi
FHS Zoom Brand- Made in China:-
a. Flame/ Explosion proof LED Flood Lights.
b. Flame/ Explosion proof ON/OFF Switches.
c. Flame/ Explosion proof DBs/ Junction Box.
d. Flame/ Ex Proof Exhaust, Axial Fans
Mr. Rizwan Mirza