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LED Lights
Ser Name of Firm and Address Description of Stores / Products POC Detail Valid / Renewed Upto
1 M/S Hero Electrical Industries (Pvt) Ltd, Sarghoda
Military Farm Road, Sarghoda
a. SMD Bulbs (7w, 12w, 18w).
b. SMD Downlight (3w, 7w, 8w, 12w, 18w, 50w, 100w).
c. SMD Flood Light (50w, 100w).
Mr. Muhammad Iqbal
2 M/S Britlite Engineering Company
Office No. 12-C, 1st Floor, St Sehar Lane No. 9 DHA Near Masjid Khadija tul Kubra Karachi
a. LED Indoor lights.(Panel, Down, Wall, Luminaire, Emergency, Niche, Spot (5 to 48w)
b. LED Outdoor lights.
c. LED High Bay Lights (MAXI Series)
d. LED Flood lights ( B-Mart Series)
e. Weather proof LED light.
Mr. Khurram Siddique
3 M/S Beacon Lighting Solutions
2-A Off Canal View Thakor, Lahore
a. LED Indoor Lights:
i. LED CoB, Down Ceiling, Spot, Nishes, Panel, Track, Linear, Tube Lights, Bulb, Emergency, Rope, Sign, Sensor Light (1w to 75w)
b. LED Outdoor Lights
i. LED Road, Street, Flood, High Bay Lights (30w to 500w)
c. Weather proof Lights
i. LED Canopy, Garden, Pools, Floor, Underwater, Tree light (6w to 200w)
Mr. Atif Chaudary
4 M/S Chief Machinery Corporation
69-A Branderth Road, Lahore
Hyundai Brand-Made in South Korea:-
a. LED Indoor lights:
i. Down Light (5-12w), LED / SMD Bulb (7-13w), Spot Light (6-12w), Track light (25w), Panel Light (36w), Tube Rod (18w)
b. LED Outdoor lights:
i. Flood lights (50w-200w)
Mr. Shahzad Hassan Qadri